Gender parity in the Australian Public Service

November 2021 – The Australian Public Service (APS) grew by 2.3 percent to 153,945 people in the year to June 30.

It was the first year that women reached parity with men across all salary levels, says the latest State of the Service report, released in November.

The APS employs men and women graduates in equal numbers, and the percentage of women outnumber men significantly in the six APS salary bands. the two higher EL (executive level) bands and the SES (senior executive service) combined three bands.

It’s only when employees reach the very top SES (senior executive service) bands 2 and 3 that men will outnumber women.

About 81 percent of the federal public service work full time and 14 percent are part-timers.

APS employees by gender, p. v

When it comes to skills shortages, 40 percent of staff identify digital or IT skills shortages and 30 percent say written communication skills are lacking.

When agencies were asked to report, 81 percent identified IT or digital skills shortages, followed by 70 per cent nominating data skills and 34 per cent people management and leadership skills.

The APS has cadet, graduate and apprenticeship programs to encourage people into the service to develop digital or technology skills.