Land banking scam exposed

shutterstock_196533755The Federal Government faces calls to regulate property investment advisors in the same way as financial advisors following an exposé of land banking scams.

Many Australians have invested in land developments that will prove to be worthless, having been enticed by high-pressure sales tactics and misled into thinking they are buying land that will soon jump in value.

The Senate Economic References Committee has called for tighter controls on property investment advisors, saying they should be regulated by the Corporations Act.

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Innovate or perish

DocklandsYou can make your fortune or blow your dough by investing in innovation, but nations need it remain competitive, which is why the Federal Government is proposing tax breaks for investors.

The Government is consulting on its proposals and how to define an “innovation company”.

It will be vital to set eligibility criteria that ensures money goes into early stage innovation projects, under a strategy announced in December as part of the Federal Government’s National Innovation and Science Agenda.

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